Organization chart

Three complementary links form the rescue chain 

  • The emergency call centers 112  which take the emergency calls from the citizens who are in a potential situation of distress ;
  • The rescue zones which intervene on the front line to help the population .;
  • The Civil protection which provides specialised support, mainly to the fire brigade, the police and the authorities. 

The Directorate-General Civil Security guarantees, at various levels, the proper functioning of the three links (operational rescue/emergency services) in the rescue chain

The emergency call centers 112 and the Civil Protection units are operational services of the Directorate-General Civil Security.  Meanwhile, the rescue zones are local entities with their own legal personality. Nevertheless, they are subject to the provisions of the law of 15 May 2007 relating to civil security and its implementing decrees. The Directorate-General (representing the Minister of the Interior) can also decide to cancel all the decisions of the zone councils and colleges. Moreover, the Directorate-General also provides them with significant support in many areas (financial, legal, public procurement, training, etc.).


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